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SoftDVD MAX 4.0

SoftDVD MAX 4.0

The first software-only DVD player for your PC or notebook. No hardware needed. Just Install it and start watching movies or TV, access the Web or play games. SoftDVD MAX 4.0 $39.99 New! Dolby? Headphone Technology, a totally new experience in headphone listening that lets you enjoy theatre-quality, surround sound over any pair of headphones. Exclusive! AutoSense™ quickly detects the video card, audio card and CPU in your PC or notebook to have you up and running in minutes. Exclusive! Web Link gives you direct online access to movie reviews, DVD news and product updates. Brilliance has never been so simple! SoftDVD Max™ is the first software-only DVD player for your PC or notebook. You do not need any special hardware to run this all-in-one package of powerful features. Watch film titles on your PC or TV, access the Web or play games. Enjoy the exceptional performance, high quality sound, video and interactive content you will experience with SoftDVD MAX! The program is easy to install and moving around the intuitive User Interface is just like using a VCR, CD or laser disk player, making SoftDVD MAX™ a breeze to use.



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